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Feeling prickly like a cactus? Combating beard itch!

Maybe you are growing out a beard for the first time or maybe like some of us, you shave in the summer and as the nights start to grow cooler we start letting the man mane grow back in preparation of the winter ahead. Either way those first few weeks are the hardest. They say " Growing a beard is like being in prison. If you can make it through the first month you have a great chance of making it."

So how do we give ourselves the edge during the hardest part?

Moisturize! By softening the beard hair and hydrating the skin we cut back on that ever ending itch and leave our face even healthier than before! The best way to do this in the beginning is with beard oil. 

Beard oil does several things. First it softens the hair making it more comfortable for both you and anyone you may be getting close to!. It also helps hydrate the skin. Ever get dry cracked skin on your hands in the winter? Same thing smaller scale. Also by using a good beard oil it helps the hair grow thicker and fuller so those patchy spots you had before will start to vanish!

This is not a "one and done". Make it part of your daily routine and your face will thank you! Plus with all the great scents oils come in you will smell great!

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